By: Andrea Blum Team

It's not always necessarily a good time or bad time to sell or buy real estate

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It's not always necessarily a good time or bad time to sell or buy real estate, it really depends on your specific situation. The key is understanding your situation and how the market affects you and your circumstances. It should be noted that prices differ from one area to another as well as depending on the product. The freehold market may be affected differently than condos and town houses.

Now, if you are a first time buyer and you’ve been waiting to get into the market, this may be a good time for you as we’ve been seeing a bit of a dip in prices across-the-board. If you're looking to upgrade  now, it may make sense to capitalize on this opportunity as proportionately you would be saving money upgrading during a slower market then when the market is high.

Here are some of the questions I'm getting now from potential buyers & sellers. Please note, I'm always available for a call or an appointment to answer any questions you may have.

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